The cultural association LE ARIE DEL TEMPO was founded in 1987

with the idea of being a mirror of the times.
Working in a context where cultural multiplicity is a constant presence,
our aim has always been to give expression to uniqueness and complexity
and to point the way towards new lines of research.

Our programmes of events often grew out of accidental ideas, and so what was in many ways our limitation – namely, non-organisation – became a strength, enabling us to take on board new projects in a short time frame.
Starting from a small space consisting of a few rooms we have sought to be a window on the world, a space open to experimentation. Our policy has not been to follow trends but to focus on ideas that hold out the promise of truth and depth.
Often under conditions of great difficulty messages have crossed land and sea in telephone calls as well as in faxes and e-mails in a variety of different languages: words written at a distance that then took on different form in this small corner of the world.
We have put on one-person shows and group exhibitions, debates, encounters, multi-media projects, poetry readings, book presentations, performances (both on our premises and out on the streets) and music events.
In 2000, the association moved from our original premises in Corso Buenos Aires to Via Lomellini 3/3, a 17th-century building whose very walls are steeped in memory and where the very distance from nature heightens its presence inside us.
Since 1987 we have also organised drawing and painting workshops for children and adults.
In the same year we launched the idea of having resident artists. Accommodation is offered for short periods during the year in particular to foreign artists, who are thus given the chance to prepare works for their exhibitions on our Genoa premises.
In 1999 our association started collecting drawings and writings by various authors which have so far been brought together in two series of books, “I SEGNI POSSIBILI” and “SCRIPTIONS”, where the emphasis is on our interest in the work as it is being made
Seventeen years have now passed since Le arie del tempo was founded.
During this time we have experienced periods of intense activity alternating with others when external and internal events have suggested the need for a pause for reflection. In line with our tried and tested practice of organising seminars around a particular theme, this last year has been dedicated to a project entitled “IDENTITY/BELONGING”. In 2005 we realised the project: DESERT AND SILENCE and this year : THE NOTEBOOK .



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